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World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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The Secretary of the Admiralty made the following announcement on November 10, 1914 :-

After the whereabouts of the Konigsberg was indicated by the attack on the Pegasus on September 19, a concentration of fast cruisers was arranged by the Admiralty in East African waters, and a thorough and prolonged search by vessels in combination was made.

This search resulted on October 30 in the Konigsberg being discovered by H.M.S. Chatham (Captain Sidney R. Drury-Lowe, R.N.), hiding in shoal water about six miles up the Rufigi River, opposite Mafia Island (German East Africa).

Owing to her greater draught, the Chatham could not reach the Konigsberg, which is probably aground, except at high water. Part of the crew of the Konigsberg is landed and entrenched on the banks of the river. Both the entrenchments and the Konigsberg have been bombarded by the Chatham, but owing to the dense palm groves amid which the ship lies, it is not possible to estimate the damage.

Pending operations for her capture or destruction, effective steps have been taken to block the Konigsberg in by sinking colliers in the only navigable channel, and she is now imprisoned and unable to do any further harm. The fast vessels which had been searching for her are thus released for other service.

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