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World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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SMS Regensburg.  Originally armed with 12 x 4.1 inch guns but like many German light cruisers she was re-armed with 5.9inch weapons.  The larger gun firing a much larger 99lb shell compared to the 38lb shell of the 4.1 inch gun.

Gazelle class light cruisers
SMS Gazelle, Niobe, Nymphe, Thetis, Ariadne, Amazone, Medusa, Frauenlob, Arcona, Udine Laid down 1897-1901, completed 1900-1904.

Bremen class light cruisers
SMS Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Lubeck, Munchen, Leipzig, Danzig Laid down 1902-1904, completed 1904-1907.

Königsberg class light cruiser
SMS Königsberg Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Stettin Laid down 1905-1906, completed 1907-1908.

Dresden class light cruiser
SMS Dresden, Emden Laid down 1907-1908, completed 1909-1911.

Kolberg class light cruisers
SMS Kolberg, Mainz, Cöln, Augsburg Laid down 1907-1908, completed 1909-1911.

Magdeburg class light cruisers
SMS Magdeburg, Breslau, Strassburg, Stralsund Laid down 1910, completed 1912.

Karlsruhe class light cruisers
SMS Karlsruhe, Rostock Laid down 1911, completed 1914.

Graudenz class light cruisers
SMS Graudenz, Regensburg Laid down 1912, completed 1914-1915.

Pillau class light cruisers
SMS Pillau, Elbing Laid down 1913, completed 1915.

Wiesbaden class light cruisers
SMS Wiesbaden, Frankfurt Laid down 1913, completed 1915.

Brummer class minelaying cruisers
SMS Brummer, Bremse Laid down 1915, completed 1916.

Königsberg class light cruisers
SMS Königsberg (ii), Karlsruhe (ii), Nürnberg (ii), Emden (ii) Laid down 1914-1915, completed 1916-1918.

Cöln class light cruisers
SMS Cöln (ii), Dresden (ii) Laid down 1915-1916, completed 1918.

SMS Frankfurt, unlike her sister SMS Wiesbaden which was sunk at Jutland, survived the war, including a failed attempt to scuttle her at Scapa Flow.  She was handed over to the US Navy after this and they sank her in bombing trials in 1921. Frankfurt

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