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World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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sms kaiserin augusta Kaiserin Augusta Class.  This ship was the first German cruiser without masts and was also the first with the three shaft arrangement that became common in later ships.  This was necessary to because of the (then) high engine power of the ship necessary for the relatively high top speed.

SMS Kaiserin Augusta
Built Germania Dockyard, Kiel, laid down 1890, completed November 1892, cost 8,697,000 Marks

Length 401 feet waterline 404 feet overall, beam 51 feet, draught 24 feet 3 inches, displacement 6,056 load 6,318 tons full load.

3 shaft Triple expansion engines, 12,000 ihp, 21 knots

Trials: 14,015 shp = 21.5 knots

2.75in decks

12 x 5.9in 35 cal (12 x 1), 8 x 3.45in 30 cal (8 x 1), 5 x 13.4in TT

Designed as an attempt to combine the roles of fleet scout and colonial cruiser in one type as a cost saving measure.  Crew 430.

World War 1 Service:
Kaiserin Augusta

Used as a training ship.
1920 Scrapped.

SMS Kaiserin Augusta spent the was as a gunnery training ship.  originally armed with 4 5.9 inch and 8 4.1 inch guns but was re-armed 4 years later.  For this role 1916 her armament changed again in 1916 to 1 5.9 inch, 4 4.1 inch and 12 3.45 inch guns of various types including a U-Boat gun. sms kaiserin augusta

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