Furst Bismarck Class Armoured Cruiser

World War 1 Naval Combat

World War 1 Naval Combat

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sms furst bismarck Fürst Bismark class.  This single ship class was basically an enlarged Victoria Luise class, particularly distinguishable by the larger gun turrets.  The ship suffered from heavy vibration at high speeds but was considered a good sea boat.

SMS Fürst Bismarck
Built Imperial Dockyard, Kiel, laid down April 1896, completed April 1900, cost 18,945,000 Marks

Length 412 feet 9 inches waterline 417 feet overall, beam 67 feet, draught 27 feet 9 inches, displacement 10,690 load 11,461 tons full load.

3 shaft Triple expansion engines, 13,500 ihp, 18.7 knots

Trials: 13,622 ihp = 18.7 knots

8in belt, 8in turret faces, 2in decks

4 x 9.4in 40 cal (2 x 2), 12 x 5.9in 40 cal (12 x 1), 10 x 3.45in 30 cal (10 x 1), 6 x 17.7in TT

Germany's first Armoured Cruiser with a jump in size, armament and protection over previous classes.  Crew 621.

World War 1 Service:
Fürst Bismark

November 1914 briefly brought out of reserve for coast defence duties but owing to her poor condition spent the rest of the war as an accommodation and training ship.
1919 Sold for scrap.

SMS Fürst Bismarck.  Germany's first Armoured Cruiser, she was primarily designed for for overseas service and the ship spent most of her career pre World War 1 serving in Asia.  After a brief period as a coast defence ship most of the war was spent as an engine training ship being disarmed in 1916. sms furst bismarck

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